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Printer Driver


8 Publishing

In the Publishing tab, you can create covers and inserts for a print job, and add
backing sheets between transparencies. The features on this tab are available
only when PCL XL, KPDL, or XPS is selected as the PDL.

To return to the original settings, click Reset. The Reset button is available
when accessing the printer driver from the application's Print dialog box.

Cover Mode

Cover mode lets you add cover pages for the front and back of your document.
You can print on cover pages of a different weight or color than the main
document. The source of the cover paper is specified by adjusting the Media
for cover
settings in the Publishing tab.

Duplex printing must be selected in the Basic tab or Quick Print tab in order to
print using the Front / Inside or Back / Outside options.

Cover mode cannot be used with Transparency interleaving.