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Device Settings

Printer Driver



If the Net Manager Login or Identity Settings dialog box appears, enter a
Login user name and password. This dialog box is generated when an invalid or
blank Net Manager user name or password is set in the driver. The Net
Manager Login
dialog box does not appear if Use Windows authentication is
selected in Administrator > Net Manager, except when the Windows
authentication fails.


You can click Do not ask again to use the most recently-saved Login user
name and password for each print job. When selected, the Net Manager Login
dialog box does not appear again.


Click Log in to send the print job to the Net Manager spooler server, where the
Login user name and password are authenticated.

The print job appears on the Job tab on the main Net Manager web application.


Depending on the Net Manager settings and before the job is printed, the Print
dialog box appears with information about your print quota. Click OK to


On the printing system’s operation panel, enter your authentication credentials
to release spool jobs. You can print from any printing system managed by the
Net Manager server.

User Settings

With User Settings, you can specify user and department names, select the
default unit of measure, and change the driver display language.

In a client/server environment, this feature is unavailable to a client logged in as
a restricted user.


With Identification, you can identify your print job with a User name and
Department name, to a maximum of 31 characters. The User name can be
used to identify a print job stored on the storage device.

Setting User Identification


In Device Settings > User, type your preferred name in the User name text


Type your department or group name in the Department text box.

You can type a maximum of 31 characters in the User name and Department
text boxes.


Click OK in all dialog boxes.


You can set Inches or Millimeters as the unit of measurement. This is used for
the following settings:

Page Sizes settings in the Basic tab.