Setting the administrator password, Clearing the administrator password, Hide factory default profile – Kyocera Ecosys m2040dn User Manual

Page 24: Hide lower pane, Snmp settings

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Device Settings

User Guide


Setting the Administrator Password


In Device Settings > Administrator > General, select Password protect
administrator settings


In the Password dialog box, enter a password, using at least 4 and no more
than 16 characters. Reenter the password in Confirm password and click OK.

Clearing the Administrator Password


In Device Settings, click Administrator.


In the Enter Password dialog box, type the password and click OK.


In the Administrator Settings dialog box, clear the Password protect
administrator settings
check box and click OK.

Hide Factory Default Profile

With this feature, you can hide or show the Factory Default profile in the Quick
tab and the Profiles dialog box.

With the check box selected, the Factory Default profile does not appear in
the lists.

With the check box cleared, the Factory Default profile appears in the lists.

Hide Lower Pane

With this feature, you can reduce the size of the Printing Preferences dialog
box by hiding the lower pane. The overview images and settings list are
removed from view. PDL selection, Profiles buttons, and the Print preview
check box are still available.

For some screen display and screen resolution settings, the Hide lower pane
check box is selected automatically.

SNMP Settings

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an application layer protocol
that governs the management of devices agents, and network management
systems. Managed devices, such as printing systems, collect and store
management information for the network management systems. SNMP security
levels are specified by settings in the SNMP settings dialog box. With
SNMPv3, encryption and authentication support are provided. SNMP settings
must be made in the printer driver and in the printing system’s home page.

The following SNMP options are available:


It communicates with the managed device using Read community name
and Write community name.


Security enhancements for authentication and encryption require a user
name and password. Authentication and privacy options are available by
clicking Settings.

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