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Printer Driver


4 Quick Print

In the Quick Print tab, you can apply basic print settings to print jobs. You can
select options quickly in a simple user interface.

Any Quick Print settings can be saved as a group, called a profile, and applied
to any print job. Profiles support common printing tasks.

To return to the original settings, click Reset. The Reset button is available
when accessing the printer driver from the application's Print dialog box.

The administrator can set the view of the Quick Print tab through the
Installation process, or in Device Settings > Administrator.

Quick Print Options

You can set up to 5 print options on the Quick Print tab. You can create your
own customized view of print options with Edit Quick Print Options. You can
also select from profiles that have been set with predefined options for
frequently run print jobs.


Click the Orientation icon repeatedly to change between portrait, landscape,
rotated portrait, and rotated landscape printing formats. The rotated options
rotate the job orientation 180 degrees.