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Device Settings

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Job E-mail Notification

This option lets you send an e-mail address with a print job. When the job
finishes printing, the device sends an e-mail notification to the e-mail address.
This is useful when the device is printing many jobs and a user must wait for a
job to print.

For a restricted user in a client/server environment, the Administrator button in
Device Settings becomes the Identity button. A user can enter e-mail
notification data in the Identity Settings dialog box.

Selecting E-mail Notification Options


In Device Settings > Administrator > General, select Notify when printing is


Choose an e-mail address option:

Select Use specific e-mail address, and type a valid e-mail address. In a
client/server environment, a client user can change this address.

Select Prompt for e-mail address, and click OK. When you click OK in the
Print dialog box, type a valid e-mail address in the Print Options or Identity
dialog box, and click OK.


Click OK in all dialog boxes.

Lock Settings

An administrator can specify settings at the tab or feature level in the driver, and
then lock them. The settings are then applied to all print jobs, and changes are
restricted. The settings are locked in Device Settings > Administrator > Lock
. For example, a driver setting could be set for printing duplex
documents. This would save paper, resulting in cost savings and ecological

Locking a setting will also lock the feature where it appears in other tabs. For
example, selecting Duplex will also select and lock that feature in the Quick
and Basic tabs.

The administrator can also set a password that is required to temporarily unlock
a feature.

In a client/server environment, this feature is unavailable to a client logged in as
a restricted user.

Lock Settings Options

The Lock Settings tab displays driver settings that an administrator can lock.
Once locked, user changes are restricted and the settings are applied to all print
jobs. Once the settings are made, the Password settings option can be
accessed. This lets an administrator control usage of paper and toner amounts.


This option locks the EcoPrint setting selected in the Quick Print, Basic, or
Imaging tabs.


This option locks the current Print on both sides setting selected in the
Quick Print or Basic tabs.

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