Eliminating malfunctions – IKA MF 10 basic User Manual

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Mill does not start:
Possible causes:

- Power supply plug is not correctly plugged into

the eqipment and/or the socket („Power“ LED
does not light up if the rocker switch Pos. A 13
is moved to Position 1).

- Grinding Chamber door not properly locked,

(„Power“ LED, „Error“ LED are lit and beep is
heard when the rocker switch Pos. A 13 is mo-
ved to Position 1).


First shift the rocker switch Pos. A 13 to 0. Check vol-
tage supply and the power supply plug is necessary.
Or if „Error“ LED is lit and beeping can be heard close
the grinding chamber door and tighten the turning
handle Pos. P 10/ S 9 until stop. The rocker switch
should only then be shifted to Position 1 again.

Engine hums after the rocket switch Pos. A

13 is shifted but the rotor does not begin

to run.
Possible causes

- Ground material chunks is in the grinding cham-

ber before grinding begins and blocks the rotor.


Switch the mill off at the rockers switch Pos. A
13 and disconnect the power supply plug. Open

Disassembling the cutting-grinding head:
Caution: The blades on the rotor and in the grin-

ding chamber have sharp edges. Observe safety
Before disassemling the head of the mill, the mill
itself must fi rst cool down as the grinding cham-
ber and the beater rotor cannot be detached

The power supply plug must be disconnected be-
fore disassembly.
After door is openend the countersunk screw Pos.
S 21 is loosened by means of Allen wrench. After
opening the door, the countersunk screw, P 15, is
loosened using an Allen key, while the rotor is held

Eliminating malfunctions

the door and remove the ground material chunks
from the grinding chamber. After the door is
closed and the mill is connected to the mains
again, you can switch the mill on again using the
rocker switch Pos. A 13.

Engine switches off during operation:
Possible causes:

- Overloading of the engine because of too large

feeding amounts which leads to heating up of
the engine. Thus the motor thermal protecti-
ve switch is triggered and switches the mill off.
The overheating of the motor is indicated by
the red „Error“ LED becoming lit and a beep is
heard as well.

- Rotor blocking as a result of feed chunks that

are too large or too tough.

- Rotor blocking due to improper speed adjust-

ment (in general, the speed is too low for the
given application).


Switch the mill off at the rocker switch Pos. A13
and disconnect the power supply plug. Open the
door and remove any blocked ground material or
ground material that has been cut up.
If the disturbance occurred because of overloa-
ding, let the mill cool off before you start it again.

by the face spanner that is included in delivery.
The spanner is positioned so that the pins of the
spanner are inserted into the bore holes on the
face of the rotor. The disc must be turned so that
the bore hole in the rotor is accessible for the
spanner pins.
If the hexagon socket of the screw is dirty then it
must be cleaned by means of a brush. After the
cheese head screw and the disc, S 22, have been
removed the blade rotor, S 4, is removed. The ad-
justment spring must be in the area of the opening
(in the back wall of the mill chamber). Now the
three screw mountings Pos. 12 are loosened by
means of a fork wrench and the grinding chamber
is rotated in a clockwise direction and taken off.