Accessories, Maintenance and cleaning – IKA MF 10 basic User Manual

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Sieve insert with hole sizes:
Ø 0.25 mm
Ø 0.50 mm
Ø 1.00 mm
Ø 2.00 mm
Ø 3.00 mm


MF 10.1

Cutting mill head

MF 10.2

Impact grinding head

Maintenance and cleaning


The grinding chamber interior (funnels, dosing
equipment, rotor, grinding surface, fi lter and out-
let nozzle) with a brush (no wire brush) should
be cleaned after the grinding procedure. You can
also use rags or cleaning brushes. The grinding
surface does not need to be disassembled for
cleaning between grinding operations with the
same feed material. If a new grinding procedure
with other feedings is to be performed where-
by no contamination may be produced by the
previously ground material, then more thorough
cleaning is necessary which means dismantling
the grinding chamber and the rotors. See the
chapter „Commissioning“ for assembly and di-
The grinding chamber parts can be washed with
water and, if required, with a conventional dish-
washing agent.
Be certain that the parts are dry before being re-

Caution: Refer to the chapter on „Safety Inst-

ructions“ when cleaning the cutting-grinding
surface and the blade rotor as the screwed on
blades are very sharp and may result in injuries if
they are improperly handled.

Clogged fi lters can be cleaned with brushes or
compressed air. If ground material parts have
settled into the fi lter holes in such a way that
cleaning alternatives are not suffi cient, then you
will have to clean the clogged holes with suitable
needles or clean the fi lter in an ultrasonic bath.
If beaters or blades and the grinding surface be-
come worn in the course of the time, particularly
with constant grinding of very hard substances,
so that quick operation with the appropriate qua-
lity is no longer possible, then the worn out parts
should be replaced.

Blades may not be reground as the blade

clearance will become too large. Fore rea-

sons of safety, only new, original IKA



may be used for fastening the knives.

The appliance is maintenace-free. It is subject
only to the natural wear and tear of components
and their statistical failure rate.

Spare parts order
When ordering spare parts, please give:
- Machine type
- Manufacturing number, see type plate
- Item and designation of the spare part, see, spare parts diagram and spa-

re parts list.

In case of repair the device has to be cleaned
and free from any materials which may constitu-
te a health hazard.
If you require servicing, return the appliance in
its original packaging. Storage packaging is not
suffi cient. Please also use suitable transport pa-

Only clean IKA


appliances using these IKA


approved cleaning agents. To remove use:
Dyes Isopropanol
Building materials

Water containing


Water containing


Water containing


Water containing


- Wear protective gloves when cleaning the de-


- Do not place electrical appliances into the

cleaning agents for cleaning purposes.

- Do not allow moisture to get into the appliance

when cleaning.

- Please consult IKA


before using any cleaning

or decontamination methods, other than tho-
se recommended here.