Operation – LG GR-L227YLQA User Manual

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Diagnosis (failure detection) function

Diagnosis function automatically detects failure when failure is found in product during
the use of refrigerator.

If failure occurs at product, it does not operate though pressing any button and normal
indication is not done. In this case, do not turn power off but immediately contact with
the local service center. A lot of time are need for service engineer to detect the failed
part if turning it off.

Water is cooled while stored in the water tank in the refrigerator compartment, and
then sent to the dispenser.
Ice is made in the automatic ice maker and sent to the dispenser divided into crushed
or cubed form ice.

How ice/cold

water is supplied

It is normal that the water is not very cold at first. If you want colder water, add
ice into the glass.


Throw away the ice (about 20 pieces) and water (about 7 glasses) first made after
refrigerator installation.
The first ice and water may include particles or odor from the feed water pipe or feed
water box. This is necessary in case that the refrigerator has not been used for a long
Keep children away from the dispenser.
Children may push switch incorrectly bad or damage
Be careful that food is not block the ice passage.
If foods are placed at the entrance of ice passage, ice
may not be dispensed. The ice passage may also be
covered with ice powder if splinter ice is used only. This
time, remove the ice powder accumulated.
Never store beverage cans or other foods in ice
storage bin for the purpose of rapid cooling.
Such actions may damage the automatic ice maker.
Never use thin crystal glass or crockery to collect ice.
Such glasses or containers may be broken.
Put ice first into a glass before filling water or other beverages.
Water may be splashed if ice is added to existing liquid in a glass.
Never touch a hand or other tools on ice outlet.
Touch may cause a part breakage or hand injury.
Never remove the ice maker cover.
Sometimes level the surface so that the ice storage bin is fully filled with ice.
Ice is piled up just near the ice maker. So, such status may be considered, by the ice
maker, that the ice storage bin is fully filled and ice making operation may stop.
If discolored ice is dispensed, immediately contact service center, stopping use.
Never use too narrow or deep glass.
Ice may be jammed in ice passage and, thus, the refrigerator may be failed.
Keep the glass at a proper distance from ice outlet.
A glass too close to the outlet may hinder ice from coming out.



Door open warning

3 times of warning sounds at the interval of 30 seconds if a minute passes with the
door of refrigerator and the hombar door opened or completely closed.

Please contact with the local service center if warning continue to sound even after
closing the door.

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