Operation – LG GR-L227YLQA User Manual

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Miracle Zone Temperature Transition Corner

(Applicable to some models only)

Miracle Zone (Applicable to some models only)

By pressing the button, store vegetables,
fruits or other types of food such as meat to
be defrosted, raw fish, etc.

Temperature Change at Miracle Zone

(Applicable to some models only)

You can select optimum
temperature range depending on
types of foods stored.

- 3-step of temperature selection

including -3°C, -1°C and 4°C is
available. Vegetables/fruits and cold
storage foods requiring humidity
maintenance and meats/fishes can
be more freshly stored depending on type of foods stored.

First, remove the vegetable bin.

After lifting the Miracle Zone case slightly , reach
inside and pull it outward


When using the Miracle Zone as storage room of meats, storing vegetables or fruits
may be frozen

When using the Miracle Zone as storage room of meats, keeping meats or fishes
may be spoiled and thus meats or fishes must be kept at the F-room.

If opening a door of the R-room, lamp turns on in the selected status and lamp turns
off if closing it.


➔ (Cold storage while maintaining humidity) ➔ (Meat) is

sequentially repeated whenever pressing the "Selection" button.

When removing

Miracle Zone

Method to Use

Fit the Miracle Zone case on to the ledge


gently slide it in


When forced, the connecting parts can be damaged.

When installing

Miracle Zone