Storing foods, Suggestion on food storage – LG GR-L227YLQA User Manual

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Storing foods

Store fresh food in the refrigerator compartment. How food is frozen and thawed is an
important factor in maintaining its freshness and flavor.
Do not store food which goes bad easily at low temperatures, such as bananas, and
Allow hot food to cool prior to storing, placing hot food in the refrigerator could spoil
other food, and lead to higher energy consumption.

When storing the food, cover it with vinyl wrap or store in a container with a lid. This
prevents moisture from evaporating, and helps food to keep its taste and nutrients.

Do not block air vents with food. Smooth circulation of chilled air keeps refrigerator
temperatures even.
Do not open the door frequently. Opening the door lets warm air enter the refrigerator,
and cause temperatures to rise.
Never keep too much food in door rack because they may push against by inner racks
so that the door cannot be fully closed.

Do not store bottles in the freezer compartment - they may break when frozen.
Do not refreeze food that has been thawed. This causes loss of taste and nutrient.
When storing frozen food like ice cream for a long period, place it on the freezer
shelf, not in the door rack.
Do not touch the cold foods or containers- especially made of metallic -, with wet
hands and place glass products in the freezer compartment.

- That’s why you may have chilblains and they may be broken when their inner matters

are frozen, causing personal injury.

Avoid placing moist food in top refrigerator shelves, it could freeze from direct
contact with chilled air.
Always clean food prior to refrigeration. Vegetables and fruits should be washed and
wiped, and packed food should be wiped, to prevent adjacent food from spoiling.
When storing eggs in their storage rack or box, ensure that they are fresh, and always
store them in an upright position, which keeps them fresh longer.





If you keep the refrigerator in a hot and humid place, frequent openning of the door
or storing a lot of vegetables in it may cause dew to form which has no effect on its
performance. Remove the dew with dust cloth free from care.


Suggestion on food storage