General information, Cleaning, Care and maintenance – LG GR-L227YLQA User Manual

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General information

During average length vacations, you will probably find it best to leave the refrigerator
in operation. Place freezable items in freezer for longer life.
When you plan not to operate, remove all food, disconnect the power cord, clean the
interior thoroughly, and leave each door OPEN to prevent odor formation.

Vacation time

Power failure

If you move




Most power failures that are corrected in an hour or two will not affect your
refrigerator temperatures.
However, you should minimize the number of door openings while the power is off.

Remove or securely fasten down all loose items inside the refrigerator.
To avoid damaging the height adjusting screws, turn them all the way into the base.

The outside wall of the refrigerator cabinet may sometimes get warm, especially just
after installation.
Don’t be alarmed. This is due to the anti-condensation pipe, which pumps hot
refrigerator to prevent “sweating” on the outer cabinet wall.


Regular cleaning is recommended. Wash all compartments a baking soda solution or a
mild detergent and warm water. Rinse and dry.

Please verify that the power cord is not damaged, power plug is not overheated, or
power plug is well inserted into the power consent.

Always remove power cord from the wall outlet prior to cleaning in the vicinity of
electrical parts (lamps, switches, controls, etc.).
Wipe up excess moisture with a sponge or cloth to prevent water or liquid from
getting into any electrical part and causing an electric shock.
Never use metallic scouring pads, brushes, coarse abrasive cleaners, strong alkaline
solutions, flammable or toxic cleaning liquids on any surface.
Do not touch frozen surfaces with wet or damp hands, because damp object will stick
or adhere to extremely cold surfaces.

It is important that your refrigerator be kept clean to prevent undesirable odors. Spilled
food should be wiped up immediately, since it may acidify and stain plastic surfaces if
allowed to settle.

Use a lukewarm solution of mild soap or detergent to clean the durable finish of your
Wipe with a clean damp cloth and then dry.



After cleaning


Care and maintenance