Care and maintenance – LG GR-L227YLQA User Manual

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Sound and noise


Louder sound

levels when

refrigerator is on.

Louder sound

levels when


comes on.

Moisture collects

on the inside walls

of the refrigerator.


/Ice outside


Moisture forms

on the outside of

the refrigerator

or between doors.

Vibrating or

rattling noise.


/Ice inside


Possible cause

Today’s refrigerators have increased
storage capacity and maintain more
even temperatures.

Refrigerator is touching wall or cabinets.

The weather is hot and humid which
increases the rate of frost buildup
and internal sweating.

Door is slightly open.

Door is opened too often or too long.

Weather is humid.

Door is slightly open,causing cold air
from the inside the refrigerator to meet
warm air from the outside.

Floor is uneven or weak.
Refrigerator rocks on the floor when it is
moved slightly.

Refrigerator operates at higher pressures
during the start of the ON cycle.

Items placed on the top of the refrigerator
are vibrating.

Dishes are vibrating on the shelves in
the refrigerator.


This time, close the door completely.

This is normal in humid weather.
When humidity is lower, the moisture
should disappear.

See problem section opening/closing of

Move refrigerator so that it does not
touch the wall or refrigerator.

This is normal.

It is normal for dishes to vibrate slightly.
Move dishes slightly.
Make sure refrigerator is level and firmly
set on floor.

Be sure floor is level and solid and can
adequately support refrigerator.

Remove items.

It is normal for sound levels to be higher.

This is normal. The sound will level off as
the refrigerator continues to run.

Open the door less often.

Care and maintenance