Using the battery pack, Attaching the battery pack, Removing the battery pack – Nikon Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D12 User Manual

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Using the Battery Pack

Attaching the Battery Pack

Attaching the Battery Pack
Before attaching the battery pack, be sure that the camera is off and that the MB-D12 control lock
(Figure A-


) is in the L position (the illustrations show the D800).

1 Remove the contact cap (Figure A-


) from the battery pack.

2 The contacts for the MB-D12 are in the base of the camera, where they are protected by a con-

tact cover. Remove the contact cover as shown in Figure B-


and place it in the contact cover

holder on the MB-D12 (Figure B-



3 Position the MB-D12, keeping the MB-D12 mounting screw (Figure C-


) aligned with the cam-

era tripod socket (Figure C-


) and tighten the attachment wheel by rotating it in the direction

shown by the LOCK arrow (Figure D). There is no need to remove the battery from the camera
before connecting the MB-D12. At default settings, the battery inserted in the camera will be
used only after the battery in the MB-D12 is exhausted. The Battery order option in the cam-
era Custom Settings menu (Group d) can be used to change the order in which the batteries
are used.

Be sure to place the camera contact cover in the contact cover holder and to keep the MB-D12 con-
tact cap in a safe place to prevent loss.

A PB-6D and PK-13 auto-extension ring are required when using PB-6 bellows focusing attachment
with the MB-D12.

Removing the Battery Pack

Removing the Battery Pack
To remove the MB-D12, turn the camera off
and set the control lock on the MB-D12 to L,
then loosen the attachment wheel and re-
move the MB-D12. Be sure to replace the con-
tact cover on the camera and the contact cap
on the MB-D12 when the battery pack is not
in use.

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