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Inserting Batteries

Inserting Batteries
The MB-D12 can be used with one EN-EL15 or EN-EL18 rechargeable Li-ion battery, or with eight AA batteries. A BL-5 battery-chamber cover (avail-
able separately) is required when using an EN-EL18 battery.

Before inserting batteries, be sure that the camera is off and that the MB-D12 control lock is in the L position.

1 Turn the MB-D12 battery-chamber latch to and remove the battery holder (Figure E).

2 Ready the batteries as described below.

EN-EL15: Matching the indentations on the battery to the projections on the MS-D12EN holder, insert the battery with the arrow (

▲) on the bat-

tery toward the battery holder power terminals (Figure F-


). Press the battery lightly downward and slide it in the direction of the arrow until

the power terminals click into place (Figure F-



EN-EL18: If the battery release on the optional BL-5 battery-chamber cover is positioned so that the arrow Y is visible, slide the battery release to
cover the arrow (Figure G-


). Insert the two projections on the battery into the matching slots on the BL-5 (Figure G-


) and confi rm that the

battery release has slid aside to reveal the arrow.

AA batteries: Place eight AA batteries in the MS-D12 battery holder as shown in Figure H, making sure that the batteries are in the correct orientation.

3 Insert the battery holder in the MB-D12 and latch the battery-chamber cover (Figure I). Make sure the holder is fully inserted before turning the latch.

4 Turn the camera on and check the battery level in the control panel or viewfi nder. If the camera does not turn on, check that the battery is cor-

rectly inserted.

The EP-5B Power Connector

When using the EP-5B power connector, insert it into the MS-D12EN holder with the arrow (

▲) on the connector toward the battery power terminals. Press

the connector lightly downward and slide it in the direction of the arrow until the power terminals click into place (Figure J-


). Open the holder power

connector cover and pass the EP-5B power cable through the opening (Figure J-



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