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Port Configuration


Configuring Remote Port Mirroring

Use the Interface > RSPAN page to mirror traffic from remote switches for analysis at a destination
port on the local switch. This feature, also called Remote Switched Port Analyzer (RSPAN), carries
traffic generated on the specified source ports for each session over a user-specified VLAN
dedicated to that RSPAN session in all participating switches. Monitored traffic from one or more
sources is copied onto the RSPAN VLAN through IEEE 802.1Q trunk or hybrid ports that carry it to
any RSPAN destination port monitoring the RSPAN VLAN as shown in the figure below.


Configuring Remote Port Mirroring

CLI References

“RSPAN Mirroring Commands” on page 304

Command Usage

Traffic can be mirrored from one or more source ports to a destination port on the same switch
(local port mirroring as described in

“Configuring Local Port Mirroring” on page 679

), or from

one or more source ports on remote switches to a destination port on this switch (remote port
mirroring as described in this section).

Configuration Guidelines

Take the following step to configure an RSPAN session:

1. Use the VLAN Static List (see

“Configuring VLAN Groups” on page 722

) to reserve a VLAN

for use by RSPAN (marking the “Remote VLAN” field on this page. (Default VLAN 1 is

2. Set up the source switch on the RSPAN configuration page by specifying the mirror

session, the switch’s role (Source), the RSPAN VLAN, and the uplink port


. Then specify

the source port(s), and the traffic type to monitor (Rx, Tx or Both).

3. Set up all intermediate switches on the RSPAN configuration page, entering the mirror

session, the switch’s role (Intermediate), the RSPAN VLAN, and the uplink port(s).

12. Only 802.1Q trunk or hybrid (i.e., general use) ports can be configured as an RSPAN uplink or destination ports –

access ports are not allowed (see

“Adding Static Members to VLANs” on page 724


Intermediate Switch

Uplink port

Uplink port

Ingress or egress traffic
is mirrored onto the RSPAN
VLAN from here.

Tagged or untagged traffic
from the RSPAN VLAN is
analyzed at this port.


Source Switch

Source port

Uplink port

Uplink port

Destination port

Destination Switch